Seoul Spelled Out On Three Ultra Joint Real Estate Projects

Let’s start off with a test. Think about your city split into three real estate projects. No public areas, nor statues; three projects which would really be the presentation cards of the city. Do they meet the expectations?

Very few cities have the advantage of having developers with the skills to define them.

My arrival to Seoul two weeks ago taught me that there is plenty precision in the projects that launch this city into the future. Experiencing these three places is an advanced real estate lesson about real estate development, architecture and city concerns.

1. Dongdaemun Design Plaza
The most tagged place on Instagram of South Korea in 2015 and 2016. It is an ultra joint complex designed by Zaha Hadid and Samoo that has become the heart of the design district of Seoul. The project is composed by five parts: an art wing, a museum, a lab design, design market and, a culture and history park. The commerce enrolls each and all of the items and is totally built-in to an underground level with neighbor projects and public transportation. Its architecture is so important that it is very small the talk regarding to usage program and its operation, with has united the design community of Seoul. It is without a doubt a reference model to any creative city. A tutoring of how the design promotion may be the anchoring to the destinies of the future. Its development was a public private association that exhibits that public properties guided by the development talent may soup up plenty of value to a city.

2. Lotte World Mall
Even though the name evokes the commercial component of this project, it is a lot more than that. The project includes an amazing 555 m height tower that on its base melds with multiple purposes. The 11 floor commercial centre is compounded by a department store, move theaters, an auditorium, aquarium, a park/square that links the project to an amusement park (property of the same developer company). Since the opening, in October 2014 has caused an actual gravity change in the city. The project reveals the potencial of densification that is achieved through the reinforcement of the entertainment component.

3. Garosugil
The third icon of this list isn’t a project, but several of them, all incorporated at the Garosugil Avenue. Turned into a commercial boutique avenue, each piece of city seems like part of a fine architecture collection. With truly approaching forefronts and diverse use integrated on the body buildings, this area is an example to the work in strategic districts. It is stunning to see how the adjustment of multiple commercial developers may turn a high speed zone into a genuinely urban jewel.

When we improve, we often forget that we create the face of the city. Most of the projects that are developed melt down in the opaque grey color of the past. Let’s see these three projects as an inspiration to remind ourselves that tomorrow we have to make a better lift that talks about the city.

Three projects, one city.

*Carlos Muñoz 4S challenges, inspires and pushes the development of real estate developments that improve our cities. If you have the greed to create a project with this effect, find him on:

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