Marketing 3.0 and the pending allocations of social responsibilities for the real estate developer

Phillip Kotler (the father of modern marketing) insists that marketing 3.0 is the new wave in which products would not only be able to accomplish the market options but also they would contribute to the society. This corporate social liability will be linked to a deep purpose that would have to be placed in the centre of a corporation integrated to the social era.

In this sense, companies such as Patagnia or Honest have created clear standards about the momentum that generates holding a strong social commitment. The clients become promotors and the work results in interests of the cause turn into the main tool of marketing.

For this strategy to work, it is necessary that the cause is aligned to every domains of the corporation: its industry, business vision and its work culture. Therefore, that real estate developer would have to be linked to the main problems that we witness in the cities nowadays. So there is a big opportunity to set a movement that truly contributes to build a better city.

In our opinion, these are the three most relevant pending allocations if we want to truly contribute in enhancing the Latin American City:

1. Stopping the cities’ anarchic growth.

 This is perhaps one of the most relevant issues in the national agenda and has gotten very few attention from the media. The legacy of our cities alongside the rapid increases of vehicular parks that we are producing and without the supplement in facilities it generates a harsh overview. We urge to involve ourselves in a more intense way our neighbors, authorities and means for our cities’ verticalization.

2. Bring back to life the public space.
A city consists of quality living and active public spaces. Creating the space is just half of the challenge; the other part consists on maintaining the space public and delivering life.

3. Encourage the alternative and pedestrian mobility.
In the last ten years, the main paths of the urban citizen have increased the use of private vehicles to a 10%. This means that besides the disordered growth, our choice on transportation deteriorates the situation of mobility in the city. We urgently need a cultural change that bursts these trends.

Every day I wake up with enough energy to keep searching for developers with purpose, willing to help me on building improved cities. Who’s on to taking his corporation to the 3.0 version?

*Carlos Muñoz develops himself in the real estate industry to create improved cities. His energy sustains in a social and intelectual purpose, more than just economic. Reach him at:


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