Industrial Positioning

One of the benefited areas of the international macro economic juncture has been the industrial development in out country. It is clear that we will transform into an international manufacture potency. Given this tonic, to whom participate in the development of industrial parks process, it turns critical to capitalize the positive inertness that we enjoy today. The biggest challenge becomes the position of the projects towards an international market hard to locate and a competitive commoditized environment. Grupo 4S presents an easy process in that helped them achieve working in the commercial strategy of multiple industrial projects.

1. Understanding the new demands of the market
In the embryonic stage of the industrial markets in our country, relying to the basic services ensured the project consolidation. The quality of the earth was analyzed, as well as the location in combination with the traditional elements of services (water, power). There was few movement between cities and there were also few the big international projects that would implant integral projects.

As our country has been receiving big international manufacturing participants, the requirements of the market regarding to its industrial spaces has dramatically increased.

Nowadays, we detect preferences and analysis on three levels of product

1 Nuclear Product: basic services, cost of services, land quality, construction guidelines, location y logistic costs linked to it.

2 Expanded Product: Amenities to support the park as the centre of trainings, access to delivery mechanisms such as rail networks or land alternatives, interior customs, employees services (medical, educational), sport areas and enjoyment.

3 Metaproducto: Installed services in the project (Suppliers). They are divided into B2B and B2C. Generally these suppliers aim to bring life to the enterprise and the people much easier. As the fact that a park may contribute with these services, the location is revalued.

This new product vision has facilitated the rise of new logistic platforms. In the future we appreciate a trend that will keep enhancing the growth of such projects.

 2. To segment the addressed market
Whereas the B2B markets result difficult to analyze, there are two factors that incorporate the backbone of the commercial strategy of an industrial park.
The first variant refers to the kind of market that aims for either local, national or international scope. Local markets are typified on being locations or relocations for expansion, meanwhile other international markets are companies completely new to the country. As a second variant it the park preference should be identified for strongly capitalize over other specific industries against being a “catch all” location. This creates the existence of four autonomous strategies that coexist seeking for the placement of a park.

3. Communicate with international strength
Regardless the sought segment, the communication challenge is deep. On one side to pursue having international strength, and the other, developing the surgical precision to invest on qualified audience. Under this perspective, the electronic strategy becomes a leading role in the global positioning of a project.

This electronic strategy does not consist in the internet presence, but investing in the necessary resources to push a clear message and cause a forceful “call to action”. In the future, we shall turn into SED experts and in all tools that contribute to pull our online presence.

Mexico’s industrial future looks promising but comes with challenges. One of them will be to professionalize the basis of real estate developers and their industrial projects. In that practice, we would become advocates of the country and spearhead magnet to manufacture investment.

We are welcoming the industrial future of the country


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