Seven Tales About Projects That Changed Forever The History Of Vertical Development

The housing development in the country has evolved in a leap forward way. The creativity in the concept has given us innovative products, with stories never seen before in the housing scope. Hereunder we are going to show some of the stories that has opened our eyes to de future. They will be presented in three innovation categories.

Amenities innovation

A1.  Your city apartment now includes an apartment in Playa del Carmen. A housing project has decided that inside their amenities they would give an apartment in the beach, which will be managed by the condos association. In the initial regulation, each apartment owner enjoys two periods a year of the amenities’ usage. Levana (Monterrey’s Metropolitan Zone)

A2. Suites for guests. Querétaro is a city full of week-end tourism. Thereupon, a project in this city contemplates to count with hotel suites for guests. The suites are designed by a touristic planning team to fulfill the quality standards and grant an individual personality to each one. The condo association may opt as well to rent them to use the income for maintenance expenses (and reduce the fee). Adamant (Querétaro)

A3. In-lease Parking lot to decrease the maintenance costs. Tired of paying high maintenance fees? A project proposes a solution to this by providing 40 parking spots as an additional amenity to the project. Such spots will be managed by the condo association of the building and their income would go directly to the costs of the project. Fraterna (Monterrey’s Metropolitan Zone)

Technologic Innovation

T1. Your eye will be the key to you apartment. A project in Veracruz has been taken to a new technologic level. In this project, the tower accesses are shielded with iris recognition systems. In addition to these advances security systems, the pool shows a new underwater audio system and exterior cinema. Xiris (Veracruz)

T2. The absolute control of your apartment is on your phone. The home automatization has evolved enough in the last few years. It is so that the packages of this project raise the ability to control from the lightning (create scenarios) to move curtains, air conditioning and audio. Your music goes with you even to the shower, everything with wireless inclusion. Pure futurism. Adamant 2 (Puebla).

Apartement Innovation

D1. Your one bedroom apartment grows to evolve into a three bedroom house in the heights. A developer decided to face the problem that the apartments have, of being less open in their tenants needs. For that they builded the “Hypercube” an apartment that is sold with a bedroom and double height. That double height may be easily expanded through the low-weighted systems to turn into a three bedroom house and living-room. El Semillero (Monterrey’s Metropolitan Zone)

D2. Your car parks itself in your apartment. The robot parking lots start to appear in the country. A developer decided to take it to the next level, allowing that the cars literally go up to the apartment. So you open the door of your car and you’ll be standing in front of the main door of your high house. Porsche design (Miami, Florida).

Life has enormously evolved in the last ten years. We will witness that same speed fit in our houses, specifically if they are parts of big housing projects. Innovation will be a synonym of better quality of life and surplus value.

*Carlos Muñoz is Director of Innovation of Grupo 4S. His talent contributes to create high value groundbreaking projects to the community.



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